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E.G.- Cricket M. Greensleeves revamp by Midniteoil-Burning E.G.- Cricket M. Greensleeves revamp by Midniteoil-Burning
Another character revamp.
In the first design Cricket's hair was fairly longer, but after wasting several hours and wearing down at least one and 1/2 pencils trying to improve her original hairstyle, I gave up in disgust and instead came up with this.
Eh. It probably won't kill to have 2 short haired girls in our little troupe, anyway.

:movingon: I am not thrilled with how the coloring turned out.
I was having difficulty coloring without the use of a detachable mouse, so I'll just have to update this with a better version later...


Name: Cricket Morwen Greensleeves

Codename: Grimoire

D.o.B: May 25

Blood Type: B+

Height: 5'7

Race: Half Forest Elf, Half Dragoon

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Familiar: Alcwyn the talking Falingriff (Scottish fold + Barn Owl)

Hometown: Defected from her homeland. Claims London, England as her hometown.

Current Residence: Verne District outside of Genova City. Lives in an old warren called Monkswood Clearing.

Energy Color: Emerald Green

Regalia: Phoebe

Theme(s): "Suddenly I See" by K.T. Tunstall & "Fairyland" by Francesco Zeta

Background: *in progress*

Personality: *in progress*

That's all for now. Will reveal more later when I update her.


Character, story related material, artwork (C) me. NO STEALING
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