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E.G. background character- Vincent Kraven by Midniteoil-Burning E.G. background character- Vincent Kraven by Midniteoil-Burning
Something extra from my personal project, E.G.
Back when I started this drawing I was tryting to design Rip's 2nd older brother, Lee Kraven, but this was what I came up with, and he seemed a bit too mature looking to fit whatever so-called idea I had for him ^^;


This is Vincent, a.k.a "Vince", the oldest of Ripley's two brothers.
Like all of the 4 Kraven siblings, Vincent shares his body with a number of sylphs (disembodied elemental spirits) and has gained mage powers that made them eligible to attend any mage academy of their choosing.
In his case Vince is inhabited by 2 sylphs, a Glistener (light sylph) & a Skulker (shadow sylph).
To help support the family, Vincent works as a longshoreman with their Uncle Thurl at the Genova City docks. He occasionally joins his brother Lee in the sport of teasing Ripley, but is a mellow guy who keeps the jokes good natured, and is often the first one to get on to Lee when he starts taking things too far.


:movingon: This just leaves the rest of Rip's Family to be designed: June Kraven, Thurl Sinclair, Lee Kraven, & Ophelia Kraven.

Art, Character, E.G., & related content (c) ME :shakefist: :icondonotplz::iconusemyartplz:
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January 28, 2013
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