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EG- Ripley Kraven by Midniteoil-Burning EG- Ripley Kraven by Midniteoil-Burning
:movingon: I've been playing around with Ripley's coloring a bit when I need something realitively creative to do but can't draw or write anything productive. I added the pale streak in his hair because just having it black and the same color grey as his fur didn't look right.
Guess this means a lot of "skunkboy" or "skunkhead" jokes from Lakaoti will entail from this decision :iconheehee-plz:


Ripley "Rip" Kraven

Codename: Phobos

D.o.B: August 25

Blood Type: O-

Height: 5'12 (minus ears)

Race: Night Flyer-Beastling (Bat Human)

Ethnicity: German and Scottish-Gaelic heritage

Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Current Residence: Soho District of Genova City, Nexus. Rents a loft space above the Morpheus Cinema.

Energy Color: Crimson

Regalia: Nyx

Theme(s): "Freak on a Leash" by Korn & "PPR:Kut" by Linkin Park (Reanimation remix)

Ripley is the third oldest child of four children and comes from a struggling, lower middle class family. He was born as a regular person, but that changed over night when he and his siblings were all taken over by a number of Sylphs (disembodied elemental spirits). The Sylphs permanently lodged in the children's bodies and formed symbiotic relationships with them, giving the Kraven siblings powers that made them eligible to attend any mage school of their choosing. In the end, the family chose the Zenith Academy scholarships so that they could re-establish themselves in Nexus.

Ripley has a total of five skulkers (shadow sylphs) and two glisteners (light sylphs) dwelling within him, which strengthen and protect him exchange for inhabiting his body. Their prescence, however, have resulted in changes to Ripley's body, such as inverting the color of his eyes, heightening his senses, and causing him to ingest alarming amounts of food due to an increased metabolism. In addition to the physical changes, the possession makes him weary and occassionally snappish. He can even identify each individual Sylph that's inside of him.
Because their own survival is tied into Ripley‘s well-being, the Sylphs will sometimes influence Ripley or take momentary control of his body in order to protect him (the latter resulting in very drastic changes to his body, voice, and personality).

Ripley appears to be a blunt, sarcastic hoodlum, but beneath his bored exterior is a deep and hard-working young man with a wry sense of humor. He is sensible, open-minded, and hates getting involved in pointless fights, though he isn't afraid to throw any punches when the situation calls for it. Ripley has a strong sense of justice and can be very protective of the people he cares for, making him quick to defend anyone who is in need of assistance. He has been described, by both himself and others, as "just a regular guy who tries to do the right thing."

Ripley became very close friends with Shay after their wild encounter with a rogue Hellbeast, making him the first person she had ever made friends with since she came to Nexus. Out of everyone else in their circle, Ripley is the one who has the most insight on Shay's character, and is usually the one that she relies on the most for support.

He has a very low opinion towards people who are obnoxious, over privileged, and self-centered. These feelings are swiftly made known by the fact that Lakoati Ballad is one person that he actively berates and exchanges insults with, usually by calling him "Swamp Boy", "Eggplant-Head", and, most frequently, an "eejit". Recent have events have caused Ripley to, out of good will and against his better judgment, accept Lakoati as an additional roommate.

Ripley's reason for joining Lysander is to travel and earn money to help support his family.


Character, artwork, story and related content (C) ME. :icondonotplz::iconusemyartplz:
Flufftailed Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
I love the nose. I can't put my finger on it, but I just love it!
Midniteoil-Burning Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much ^w^

I made that a feature for the more animal looking members of his race to avoid their being confused with wolves or cat creatures.
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