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(WIP) E.G.- Byakko Kazehana colored by Midniteoil-Burning (WIP) E.G.- Byakko Kazehana colored by Midniteoil-Burning
A work in progress of me coloring in Byakko.
Almost done, just need to color her hair and try adding a little shade...

This new version turned out A MILLION times better than the first drawing I did of her. The old one was put into the scrapbook part of my gallery.


All four of the Saint Beast Clans follow one unique tradition; the first born child of every ninth generation, be it male or female, is given the name of the family’s respective great ancestor and is groomed to take over the role as head of the family. On the occassion when the head of the clan was female and finds someone to marry, her husband will instead inherit his wife’s family name instead of her adopting his.
The Saint Beast Four were initially enemies, but over time an agreement of peace was established between them. As a later result of the agreement, another practice was adopted: They each added four, relatively none-related families to each clan, often allowing the members of the head families to marry someone from the four additional families, thus weeding out certain weaknesses and securing the groups’ survival.

___KAZEHANA CLAN____________________

Greatest Ancestor: Byakko Kazehana the I

Family Symbol: Crane

Family Tree: maple tree.

Family Flower: *currently undecided*

-Consists of (primarily) white tigers, various types of felines, and Asian snow elves

-They come from a long line of ninjas, mystics, martial artists, scholars, artists, fortune tellers, and traders.

____CHARACTER INFO__________________

Full Name: Byakko Kazehana the (?)

Nickname(s): Ko-chan

Age: somewhere in her early-mid 20s

D.o.B: January 16

Blood Type: ?

Height: ?

Hair: Straight black hair that reaches past her hips. Has a single white streak in her bangs

Eyes: Silver

Skin: Fair with black stripes. Except for having tiger ears and a tail, she looks perfectly humanoid.

Ethnicity: Japanese

Secondary Race: Were-Beast (white tigress)

Nationality: Japan

Hometown: Kyoto, Japan

Theme(s): "Imaginary" by Evanescence & "Silk Road" by Kitaro

Background: *in progress*

Personality: *in progress*

That's all I'll reveal for now. Stay tuned to see this imaged updated somewhere in the future.

Character, art, & story related content (C) me. NO STEALING
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November 5, 2012
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